Our Manifesto

Hi! I’m Rahul Chowdhury. Welcome to Airtyper.

Although I’m not a professional writer, I do write occasionally. This writing habit of mine has made me create several blogs over years and explore a lot of blogging platforms like WordPress, Ghost, SquareSpace, Medium and more.

Even after trying out all these platforms and software, I wasn’t quite sold on the overall writing experience over there.

The experience that I’m talking about is not just making the editor less bloated and throwing in a distraction-free writing mode. It’s something more than that.

Writing is not just sitting down in front of a screen and typing whatever comes to your mind. Although, that process helps some people overcome procrastination and something which is commonly known as “writer’s block”, other people prefer jotting down their thoughts first.

This is where Airtyper comes to the rescue. On this platform, you get something known as Ideaboards. Ideaboards are a place where you jot down your thoughts as and when they come to you. Later on, when you think your board is sufficiently filled with ideas, you can sit down and compose your article fluently on the platform, with very less to no distraction at all.

Also, Airtyper doesn’t discriminate. We’re open to all forms of writing. From simple articles to full-fledged novels, we’ve got you covered on every writing aspect.

If you love what you just read, feel free to sign up for an early access. I’ll personally share a link to the platform as and when its ready to face the world.

Let’s fall in love with writing all over again.